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Interior Design Ideas For A Beach House

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I am going to use a beach house that I designed in Fiji as the basis for this article. This is just one couple and their approach to a house with the beach setting. The qualities that this couple envelope are:

  • Not Pretentious: They are down to earth.
  • Entertaining: Although they are private people a lot of the time, they love people, help many people and love to entertain.
  • Quality: They want to buy well so they do not have to buy again.
  • Natural: Blend in with the environment
  • Friendship and love

I know this does not sound like design ideas for the beach, but as a professional interior designer, we must establish the heart of the project for it to be successful. Then the selections of everything are made. I had a head start on this project because I had done a previous design job for them in Nevada, so I came into this project knowing more about them than if this was the first time meeting them.

For this project, natural woods were used. Woven mats, we purchased from Read More→

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