Interior Design Ideas – Murals For Walls Create More Space and A Mood


Alamo CA Residence

Murals for walls can be a great solution to getting an expansive feeling for a smaller room, bring the outdoors in or add character to a room.  There are many types of murals that range from formal to casual to childlike and even text on your walls.

The mural picture here is a dining room of a client of mine.  The problem this client was having is that when people walked into their home, the have a nice entry and the living room is to the left as you walk in, but immediately to the right in front of you is this dining area.  It was very boring and needed to be very nice because it is seen immediately as you come into their home.

Their style is traditional so they purchased this oval table that actually extend to approximately 11′ long when they have large dinner parties. It actually can be angled to fit the room at it’s longest length and that has worked great when occassionally needed.

To add interest to the room we specified a faux stone dome in the ceiling.  It also is painted with the soft sky of the mural and a small dome within the larger dome at the top that is painted a gold metallic for elegance. It is all very subtle though and very pretty.  The lighting dims to be specific to the mood that they want at the time in their room.   The formal chandelier with crystals also dims to suit their mood at the time.

The stone columns that are slightly visible in the foreground sets off the mural and the Tibetian area rug softly harmonizes with this beautiful mural also.  The custom draperies accent the deeper tones and complete the room.

The muralist who painted this is actually a wonderful local artist.  I am very particular about which muralist is chosen.   Please be very careful here, there are good mural artists and there are bad ones!  This can be a very costly mistake if the wrong muralist is involved, so just a word of warning, I definately do not want you to make that kind of mistake!  This image is special to the clients and the painting is extremely custom and suited to the client.

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