Interior Design Ideas For A Beach House


I am going to use a beach house that I designed in Fiji as the basis for this article. This is just one couple and their approach to a house with the beach setting. The qualities that this couple envelope are:

  • Not Pretentious: They are down to earth.
  • Entertaining: Although they are private people a lot of the time, they love people, help many people and love to entertain.
  • Quality: They want to buy well so they do not have to buy again.
  • Natural: Blend in with the environment
  • Friendship and love

I know this does not sound like design ideas for the beach, but as a professional interior designer, we must establish the heart of the project for it to be successful. Then the selections of everything are made. I had a head start on this project because I had done a previous design job for them in Nevada, so I came into this project knowing more about them than if this was the first time meeting them.

For this project, natural woods were used. Woven mats, we purchased from a Florida company were used on the ceilings and floor. The base, or backgrounds are all natural. All the windows and shutters are wood framed. The windows completely open up, so it feels like you are in a outdoor cabana more than a house when they are open. All the cabinetry was made by local Fijian artisans and beautiful wood carvings were also incorporated on the house frame.

All the stone used is natural, slates and a lava rock outdoor shower for the master bathroom. All stones and slates were sent from CA also. Of course granites were used in the kitchen and the entire master bath floor and tub areas.

The fabrics are again naturals. The natural fibers hold up best, except silk does not do well with direct sun. Normally, silk can be extremely strong (especially backed silk), but with the direct sun problem we used silk minimally on this project. Natural, hand painted cottons and linens were used mostly. We used washable cotton for the guest pavilion.

This clients are almost minimalists, so accessories are few. I love the clean, relaxing feeling and the lack of clutter. This really lets your eyes enjoy the outrageous views that are there, 360 degrees. This is truly a piece of paradise on earth and I literally cried when I left. It is just that wonderful!

Comfortable: Although they want comfort for themselves, they want comfort for their guests as well. It is obvious they go out of their way to show their guests a comfortable time and a learning time. They have been going to Fiji for many years and they love the native people and their culture. The villagers love them too and that is a part of the romance and charm of this beach house in paradise. To me it is about love, friendship, life and ups and downs. I learned so much working on this project, from these clients and was really pleased with the outcome of this beach house.

I know your beach house may be quite different than this one. But look at pictures of the best, get ideas from the best and incorporate them into your project. Copy the great ideas in your budget and style. Find your heart for the project, what you want the final outcome to “feel” like and look like too. It should be a reflection of your uniqueness and the wonder of who you are, just as it was for my clients.

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