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I love unusual things.  I have gone into client’s homes or offices and they tell me they want a unique look.  Where do I find unusual?  Well, you’ve come to the right blog because I am going to blog the unusual beautiful designer quality items that I have a passion for and love.  Some are expensive and some are not, just cool.  The quality is always as great as I can find and most of the time there are options for different finishes, sizes and custom details.

When choosing unique furnishings and accessories for yourself always make sure it is your coloring, textures, sizes, shapes and forms.  The more it is like you, or your brand, the more you will love it and be able to live with it for a very long time.  The furnishings are following the fashions, so let’s look at that too, or what style these pieces would go great with.

This is just my opinions, if you have great things you love, let me know.  Include a picture if possible and we’ll see what we like, why we like it and what style we think it would fit with and why.  Must be unique, not seen in every home.  My next blog post will start us off.  I am not mentioning any brand names, if you are interested to purchase, please email and I can give you a price.  Remember all items will be custom ordered and average a couple to a few months delivery time.  They’re wonderful because they are custom fit to you!

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