Interior Home Decor For Babies


My daughter was home from college this last week and it was so wonderful to see her and her boyfriend.  We had a great time together.  We were at lunch a couple days ago at the House of Nanking in San Francisco – by the way, a fabulous restaurant, and I said to them after some chit chat, “Sure would love to be a Grandma.”  Me and my big mouth!

They laughed and my daughter’s friend said her mom asked her the same question.  That was a relief.   Since they aren’t even married yet it looks like I have a while to wait.

You see, there is this lovely baby furniture that I have had my eyes on for years that I think would be perfect for a nursery.  I didn’t tell them about it since they won’t be needing it soon, darn.   I like it because it is different, great looking and very well made.  It is very feminine and would be perfect in a little girl’s room. Who knows what they will choose, but it sure is lovely furniture, so I thought I’d show you, to see what you think.

The bassinet is so beautiful.  It has a stand and hangs from hooks, so great for rocking.  It is extremely well made.  These pieces are heirloom pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation.  The bassinet is custom made iron and the round crib with canopy made of wood.  They can be ordered in pretty much any custom color and the iron can have brass or silver accents.  This takes the custom order time,  but I like that it can be made just the way you want it.

The crib is round and can come with a canopy.  That is definitely unusual.  It is just fun and I have always loved it !

The sweet upholstered occasional chair is cute, cute, cute and kid sized.  Any fabric can be used on it and I just think it is precious.

It is still fun to dream.  I know my daughter and I will have a very fun time when the time comes.  If it’s a boy…future post.

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