Interior Design Ideas – Color Schemes – Are They Always Colorful? What is Monochromatic?


Interior design ideas for a monochromatic schemes are essential because this type of a color scheme can be boring, dull and bad fast.  In actuality though this one color color scheme can very well be beautiful. wonderful, classy and chic. What are some of the design ideas that make it that wonderfulness happen?

  • Tints, Tones and Shades – Monochromatic color schemes have one dominate hue.  It is very important  in this type of scheme to carefully distribute tints – (white with the color), tones – (black with the color) and shades – (grey with the color) in varying degrees to add variety and excitement to the scheme.  Neutrals are another thing that can be added which are white, beige, taupe, gray or even black can be very dramatic in this scheme.
  • Woods – There can also be some contrast or even just texture change in the woods used in the scheme.  The wood tones can possibly be found on hardwood floors, furniture, baseboards, crown molding at the ceiling lines and possibly door and window frames.  Be sure the color of the wood goes well with the hue of your color scheme.
  • Touch Up – I have been known to take a can of spray paint in the color used, a tint, tone or shade of it, and sprayed a mirror, shelf, or even a chair.  This would not be in the main formal rooms like a living room or dining room, but in secondary rooms like the kids rooms or game rooms.  I have even sprayed picture frames or whatever needed to be sprayed.  Sometimes old wonderful picture frames that have the right texture, but the wrong color can be sprayed to go well with your monochromatic scheme.  Warning, do not get spray crazy.  A little of this is enough, otherwise you could get a cheap look.  Let us say one or two items per room at the most.
  • Textures – The variety of textures may be important to give visual interest to the eye.  Some ideas for visual textures may be baskets, lace, nubby silk fabric, plastic for a smooth texture, satin for a shiny texture and so forth.  Be creative and out of the box to create these textures.  Throw pillows can have pearls or beads and such to again add visual interest.  Texture on the wall or subtle tone on tone paint designs on the walls or furniture are ways to add visual texture.  What ideas have you had?
  • Accessories – The jewelry of the room.  The little this and that that you love can add to this one color scheme in a major way.   Gold, bronze and silver nearest your color can serve as neutrals.  Glass, crystal and plastic that don’t change the color can add texture and interest too.  Have fun and use your wonderful “finds” to add personality and beauty to this scheme.

If you are establishing this color scheme in your home I do want to warn you that it is possibly the hardest color scheme to do well, even for a professional, at times.  Done well though it can be one of the most beautiful, exciting, sometimes calm and passive,  and other time dramatic and bold color schemes there is.

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