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10 Tips For Selecting an Interior Paint Color

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Selecting interior paint colors can be tricky and expensive if done wrong. So what is a person to do and how can they make selections like a professional interior designer?

The reason paint colors are hard to select is because the colors change with the lighting in the space that is being painted. The color can appear different in the same room depending on how much natural light is hitting the area. If an area is shaded the exact same color can appear different, usually darker, than a sunny area. Lighting can affect color too, as can the type of bulb being used. So it is imparitive that a sample be tested in different areas of the room before painting the whole area. Usually a 2’x 2′ area is enough to get the feel for the color in the room.

Here are some professional tips to help select the color that you love for the room:

1. When looking at color chips put the color chip on a piece of white copy paper or something similar. The white paper helps you see the true color better.
2. Always buy a sample of 2 or 3 colors to test in the room first before getting purchasing large quanties. See the colors in different lighting and night and day.
3. Paint 2′ x 2′ patches of the sample colors on different walls and look at them over a 24 hour period. That way you can see the color in the natural light and artificial light that is in that room.
4. Number each wall sample in pencil and write the number on the paint sample can. Use pencil lightly and not ink, as ink will not come off easily.
5. Stand back from the samples so that you can see the colors with other colors that are nearby. Be sure to include floor colors, ceiling colors, wood colors, tiles, fabric colors, window coverings or anything that will be in the same general area.
6. Also consider the sheen of the paint as a flat paint will look different than a semi-gloss paint of the same color.
7. Many of the paint companies have online computer programs that actually will show the color painted in a room. I never trust that because it because the color is not in my room with my lighting. I kind of use it as a guide and then do the above tests to see what the color really looks like in my exact room.
8. It is ok to check magazines, google, popular websites and see what others are using, but my biggest tip is to test, test, test first so that you are not shocked by the outcome. Because, believe me, it can be a shock and very expensive to repaint or change later.
9. As far as selecting your personal colors, it is fun to find out if your personal colors are warm based (yellow undertones) or cool based (blue undertones). If your skin tone is warm based, choose warm base colors and if your skin tone is cool based, choose cool colors to surround yourself with.
10. Sometimes I use a favorite piece of my neutral clothing that I love on me for color inspiration. If it looks wonderful on me. It could look beautiful in the room. Lord knows, that is important! But seriously, we do feel good with colors that are right for us surrounding us.

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Interior Design Ideas – Your Home Interior Design, Business Brand and Your Fashion Statement As One!

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Interior design, business brand and your fashion statement – what do they all have in common? The answer to that question is simple, You! You have a unique style. You have a unique coloring. You have a unique fashion statement. I believe as we slow down and reflect we realize we need to stop following the crowd and dare to be individual. How do you determine your style and especially how do you reflect that in your surroundings, in your business life and your fashion statement? This is a very big subject, but lets take a glimpse at some possible ways to determine your unique style.

Your interior design is your own interior expression. Dare to be individual. Dare to use unique items that you love and that attracts attention because they are special and speak of you. Where did you get that? ┬áThink out of the box, just like you do with your fashion statements. There is only one you on this planet and where you live, work and play should look like you, even when you are not there. Your items should tell a story about you, Read More→

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Your Home or Office Does It Make You Happy? How To Create Rooms That Make You Smile!

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Your home or office decor is very important. A huge percentage of your time is spent either in your home or office.

  • Is your home or office wonderful to go to?
  • Are they comfortable, pleasing, peace filled, even restful and happy places to be? What makes them that way? What makes your interiors comfortable surroundings to you may be different for someone else. Treat yourself today to something in your interior design that makes you smile. What is it for you?
  • Are your interiors formal or casual? Usually it is a little of each in a home or office. I have had clients who like formality in some rooms and casual in others. Take each room in your home or office and determine whether it will be formal or informal. Usually the more public rooms are casual and the private rooms are more formal.
  • In order for a space to be pleasing to you it must have items in it that you love, like, or think are visually pleasing. When you look around your room do you like what you see? Is the room uncluttered and organized? Does it have art and accessories that are pleasing to you? Some people like travel treasures that tell who they are. Other people have collections of things that they enjoy.
  • To have peace in a room is important and often overlooked. Many times this has to do with the people around you and the organization of the room. If the area is a huge mess and dirty it is nearly impossible to have true peace. What makes you relax? A cozy couch, a good book, a trickling fountain, candles? All of the above for me, even a nice fire. A view of the ocean, a lake or trees is nice too. Flowers make me smile and the sound of laughter of my kids. What is your list?
  • Again, surrounding yourself with things you love can give you a awe feeling. The world outside is out of control, but in my space, I feel peace and joy. Some people like soft fabrics, others like smooth simple contemporary pieces and some others like textures, woven furniture and baskets.
  • We all work really hard to do a great job for our clients, or to take care of our family and kids, but at the same time, do we make sure that we rest? Great work can be conceived from rest. Many times I am quiet and meditating on what is the best solution for each clients needs and what would make them the happiest for now, and designs that are lasting for the future too. My workspace must be restful to do this. Can you just be still and rest in your home or office? Can you just stop as needed and relax? It is very important to have surroundings that allow that.
  • Happy places are fun places. I believe that this is created by having your surroundings being a reflection of you. When your friends or clients leave your home or office do they think, Wow, that is such a great place to visit because it is just like my friend, (your name)?
  • Is your home or office an extension of you? Actually, it is whether you are thinking it is or not. Do you have a great sense of humor or do you have a passion for something? Does it show in your interiors? Your home or office is very important and a reflection of you. It can be a source of happiness or it can be a downer. Let us go for happiness and success in your interiors, life is too short. Show those hobbies, sports interest, love of music or whatever you are passionate about. Make an interesting interior that helps others get to know who you are!
  • Are your interiors as beautiful or handsome as you? We all have some wonderful traits so does that show in your home or office? Do your interior designs show your beauty, personality and zest for life? Do they show your favorite colors? Is there the sound of your favorite music? The sound of production, success and laughter in the business? The sound of your wonderful kids? The sight and sound of a great fire in the fireplace? Do the art and pictures have meaning and bring joy to you?

The more you surround yourself with the things you love, the more you will smile when you come into that space. The more you surround yourself with things that relax you, the more you will feel peace in that space. If needed hire a professional to put it all together in the most effective way and that is even more pleasing. Perhaps it is time to transform that ho-hum into wow! That ought to make you smile!

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Interior Design Ideas For A Beach House

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I am going to use a beach house that I designed in Fiji as the basis for this article. This is just one couple and their approach to a house with the beach setting. The qualities that this couple envelope are:

  • Not Pretentious: They are down to earth.
  • Entertaining: Although they are private people a lot of the time, they love people, help many people and love to entertain.
  • Quality: They want to buy well so they do not have to buy again.
  • Natural: Blend in with the environment
  • Friendship and love

I know this does not sound like design ideas for the beach, but as a professional interior designer, we must establish the heart of the project for it to be successful. Then the selections of everything are made. I had a head start on this project because I had done a previous design job for them in Nevada, so I came into this project knowing more about them than if this was the first time meeting them.

For this project, natural woods were used. Woven mats, we purchased from Read More→

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